About Stunnas Multimedia Ghana

Stunnas multimedia is an international communication, advertising, branding, broadcasting, and production agency based in Ghana. An agency founded in 2017 by Mr Benjamin BOKOVI Komi.
Stunnas multimedia delivers complete social production and strategic creativity, which defines and empowers it identity as a top notch media Base. As a top leading agency in film production, advertising, branding and others,stunnas multimedia stand out in the creative Art industry with proven pass records of working result.

The agency collaborate with an extensive team of top Artist, photographer, directors, blogger etc making provision for all creative and innovative service.
The agency have so long specialized in full time production and communication service making it a leading provider worldwide; with Stunnas multimedia our team guarantees an exclusive and individual service.
We also offer personal consultation with highly qualified creative directors etc…
Stunnas multimedia works independently or synergistically, depending on our client requirements.

We use our experience and our know how in an efficient way for the production visual media and in our brand management.